PRE-REGISTRATION: The UEFA Under 21 Championship volunteer program in Romania

In June and July 2023, Romania hosts a new major event in the world of football. This time, the Under 21 European Football Championship is coming to Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. Stadiums “Steaua”, “Giulesti”, “Dr. Constantin Rădulescu” and Cluj Arena will host a total of 15 matches. To ensure the success of the event, over 250 volunteers will be involved in all aspects related to the organization of matches at this tournament, at the highest possible level.

Who are we looking for?

This volunteer program is open to all interested persons who have reached the age of 18 by May 15, 2022. A good knowledge of the English language at a conversational level is necessary to be part of the volunteer program. Your academic and professional experience will help us assign you to the most suitable role and department within the program.

Timeline key dates

September 2022

Launch of the volunteering program

January 2023

Applications open

February 2023

Start of selection interviews

March 2023

Registration period ends

March 2023

Announcement of the first selected volunteers

May 2023

Activation of volunteers

July 2023

Thank you parties


The venue management team is in overall charge of what happens at the venue and, through the venue manager, has the authority to arbitrate if issues arise between projects at the venue. Volunteers in this area support the daily work of the venue manager and his/her team.

Volunteer roles available in the Venue Management department:

  • Venue Management Volunteer

The broadcaster services team will be responsible for ensuring that the match is broadcast to spectators all over the world. The broadcaster information team provides basic information on TV production and booking matters, general tournament information and tourist information to UEFA Under 21 Championship broadcast partners (UBPs) that are on site during the tournament.

Volunteer roles available in the Venue Broadcasting department:

  • Venue Broadcast Volunteer

The media services and operations project involves the planning and delivery of facilities and services for the local and international media representatives who are expected to cover the UEFA Under 21 Championship.

Volunteer roles available in the Media Services and Operations department:

  • Media Services and Operations Volunteer

The commercial operations team leads the implementation of stadium marketing rights granted to commercial partners contracted by UEFA and its exclusive agent for national team competitions.

Volunteer roles available in the Commercial Operations department:

  • Marketing Volunteer
  • Youth Programme Volunteer

Match organisation lies at the very heart of all UEFA Under 21 Championship venue operations, as it deals directly with UEFA’s first priority – the sport itself. A successful match organisation project will make a major contribution to the overall image of the tournament and have a positive impact on the quality of the matches.

Volunteer roles available in the Match Organisation department:

  • Match Organisation Volunteer

During the tournament, the stadiums will be divided into different zones, such as the pitch, dressing rooms and media areas. The accreditation team provides different groups of people with access to the zones in which they operate. These groups include players, volunteers, media, officials, service providers such as cleaners, public authorities and sponsors. To perform their role, each individual needs to be in possession of a valid accreditation pass, which they receive from the accreditation centre next to each stadium. The accreditation pass displays their personal details (name and photo), as well as the access rights assigned to them for their particular duties.

Volunteer roles available in the Accreditation department:

  • Accreditation Centre Volunteer

The hospitality production team for UEFA Under 21 Championship is in charge of the development, implementation and delivery of hospitality and catering services for various target groups across all the stadiums. The team will provide matchday hospitality services such as catering and entertainment as part of the various hospitality programmes for VIPs, commercial partners and corporate hospitality guests. All guests will be hosted in hospitality lounges and private suites inside the stadiums before and after the matches. It is the hospitality production team’s responsibility to ensure that hospitality and catering services are delivered on time, to the agreed quality and within budget.

Volunteer roles available in the Hospitality department:

  • Hospitality Volunteer

Ticketing volunteers are essential to the delivery of the ticketing project and will often be the first point of contact for ticket holders. They will deal with any customer queries and provide customer services in accordance with the ticketing policy and will help to enhance the customer experience for the event. Volunteers will also be heavily involved in on-site operations and the ticket collection process. They will also assist the ticketing team with troubleshooting at the various ticketing locations in each host city and at the stadium.

Volunteer roles available in the Ticketing department:

  • Spectator Services Volunteer
  • Ticketing Volunteer

The ceremonies project will create and implement ceremonies and entertainment programmes at the stadiums. The objective is to create a safe and joyful atmosphere in the stadium and provide a memorable experience for the fans. Volunteers will assist with pre-match ceremonies (entertainment of the fans inside and outside the stadium) and production (TV production, logistics).

Volunteer roles available in the Ceremonies department:

  • Ceremonies Volunteer

All volunteer-related activities will be planned and implemented by the volunteer management team. This team will look after the volunteers and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It will also deal with training, job allocation, the volunteer center, catering and the volunteer culture.

Volunteer roles available in the Volunteer Management department:

  • Volunteer Management Volunteer
  • ACE Volunteer


The final tournament that will decide the new European Under 21 champion. 20 teams will fight for the trophy, and the games will be played in Romania and Georgia, countries that jointly organize this event.

As this event takes place in two countries, both Romania and Georgia will organize volunteer programs to help the tournament run smoothly. Volunteers will contribute to various projects such as ticketing, media operations, match organization, logistics, transport and more. The volunteer program of this event is implemented in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca by the Romanian Football Federation, which will recruit and motivate over 250 volunteers for a variety of roles in various departments.

More than 250 volunteers will be recruited in the two host cities in Romania for the matches in the 4 stadiums where the event takes place.

The tournament will take place from June 21 to July 8, 2023. The matches will take place as follows:

  • Bucharest: Steaua Stadium (group stage: June 21st, 24th, 27th; semi-final: July 5th)
  • Bucharest: Giulești Stadium (group stage: June 21st, 24, 27; quarter-finals: July 1)
  • Cluj: Dr. Constantin Rădulescu Stadium (group stage: June 22, 25, 28)
  • Cluj: Cluj Arena Stadium (group stage: June 22, 25, 28; quarter-finals: July 2)

Volunteering is unpaid work, but it is very valuable for the experience of the people who get involved, to help them in their future careers or to acquire certain skills.

All selected volunteers will receive a number of benefits:

Volunteer kit/uniform;

Meals and refreshments on site during shifts;

Specialized trainings;

Free public transport during the event;



Volunteers Thank You party to celebrate the end of the event.

Participating as a volunteer in the UEFA Under 21 Championship Georgia-Romania 2023 will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will share with tens of thousands of people who will amplify the excitement and joy of every minute of the event.

The UEFA Under 21 Championship Georgia-Romania 2023 volunteering program covers local transport costs in the host city and those during volunteer tours. We will not be able to cover the transport costs to and from Bucharest / Cluj-Napoca, nor the possible accommodation costs of volunteers coming from outside the cities. Volunteers will have a meal provided during volunteer shifts.

Volunteers will not be able to watch the matches as spectators. Of course, being part of the team of organizers, you will be in the heart of the location, surrounded by the atmosphere of the tournament.

Volunteers will be assigned to the departments in which they will work by the Volunteer Management team. Applicants will be able to express their preferred options for the departments they wish to work in during the recruitment interviews.

In principle, volunteers will not be able to have activities within two different departments.

Exceptions may be volunteers of the Volunteer Management department, who will be substitutes for various roles, if necessary.

The required availability varies depending on the role / department you will be part of. Volunteers should be available roughly from the beginning of June until the end of June. Final information on assigned roles and final shift schedule will be available after the recruitment process is complete. Some roles only involve participation on match days, while others involve activities even before the tournament starts.