About TBTT

Team Behind the Team is the volunteer program of the Romanian Football Federation. In 2018, the first volunteers began to help organize the matches of the Romanian national team successfully.

Whether we are talking about games with full stands at the National Arena, the match against Norway with 30,000 children in the stands, but also social impact projects dedicated to the most vulnerable groups, the volunteers were always there.

Meanwhile, promoting and actively practicing the values ​​of this community, such as friendship, team spirit and passion for football, TBTT volunteers have contributed to the organization of memorable events for Romanian football.

But the proudest moment in our history is the organization of the 4 UEFA EURO 2020 matches in Bucharest, when we gathered the largest team of volunteers for a sports event in Romania to this day - 800 volunteers!

With an active community of over 700 people, we are looking forward to new opportunities to demonstrate the power of volunteering and the hugely valuable social contribution it can make by creating memorable experiences for tens of thousands of people.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a way to contribute to a cause important to you, alongside other people who share your passions and values.

By volunteering you will meet new people, improve your social and professional skills, but you will have the chance to live memorable experiences while contributing to your community.

In Romania, volunteering is legally regulated and considered a form of professional experience. If you are passionate about sports and you get a boost from the energy of big events, we are waiting for you in Team Behind the Team!