Volunteer for the UEFA Under 21 Championship Final Draw

In the summer of 2023, the UEFA Under 21 Championship will be organized in Georgia and Romania. The tournament officially starts in Bucharest, where the final draw of the final tournament takes place. If you are selected, you can contribute to the organization of this event and find out with us the matches that will be played in Romania at the final tournament.

Who are we looking for?

This event will be open to Team Behind the Team members who can demonstrate a diverse history of volunteering at events organized by FRF. All Final Draw volunteers must demonstrate a good knowledge of English at a conversational level and be over 18 years old at the time of the event. For this event we will try to select a team of volunteers with a profile as diverse as possible.

Timeline key dates


Opening of applications window


Closing of applications window


Selected volunteers are notified


Start of the operational period for the event


UEFA Under 21 Championship Georgia - Romania 2023 Final Draw


Volunteers in charge of the Guest Services area will be involved in delivering the services dedicated to the guests present at the UEFA Under 21 Championship 2023 Final Draw at the standard of any UEFA event. Because the guests will have to travel between the locations where the draw is organised – airports, hotels and event locations, the volunteers in charge of Guest Services will assist them along the way, as trained by the Volunteer Manager and the UEFA managers.

The logistics and operations managers will be the first volunteers to start their mission at the Final Draw. Their responsibilities include organising work areas and event locations according to instructions from LOS and UEFA managers.

These volunteers will be familiar with all the departments and operational aspects behind the UEFA Under 21 Championship 2023 Final Draw. Their role will be to come to the aid of any activity or any project that requires support from the volunteer team.


The final tournament that will decide the new European Under 21 champion. 20 teams will duel for the trophy, and the games are played in Romania and Georgia, countries that organize this event together.

UEFA Under 21 Championship Georgia-Romania 2023 Final Draw is the event in which the composition of the groups of the final tournament is decided. It takes place at the Romanian Athenaeum, in Bucharest, on October 18, 2022.

The availability required varies depending on the role / department you will be part of. In principle, volunteers must be fully available between October 15-19, 2022, in order to be able to accept all the necessary volunteering tours. Final information about the assigned roles and the final schedule of the shifts will be available after the completion of the recruitment process.

Although it is a major event, the number of Team Behind the Team volunteers involved in the organization will be around 15.

Volunteering is work that is not paid, but it is very worth it for the experience of people who get involved, to help them in future careers or to acquire certain skills.

All selected volunteers will receive a number of benefits:

  • Volunteer kit/uniform;
  • Meal and refreshment in the location, during shifts;
  • Specialized trainings;
  • Free public transport during the event.

The volunteer program of this event cannot cover the transport costs to and from Bucharest, nor the possible accommodation costs of the volunteers coming from outside the city. Volunteers will have a meal provided during each volunteering shift.

Volunteers will be assigned to the departments where they will work by the Volunteer Management team. Applicants will be able to express their preferred options for the departments in which they want to work in recruitment interviews.

In principle, volunteers will not be able to have activities within two different departments.

Exceptions may be volunteers of the Volunteer Management department, who will be substitutes for various roles, if necessary.