Team Behind The Team, the volunteer program of the Romanian Football Federation, was launched in 2018 with the aim of involving as many people as possible in the organization and running of the matches of the National Football Team and other events in the football ecosystem. The team has grown year by year, and at the moment more than 700 volunteers are part of TBTT.

TBTT volunteers are people willing to have an impact through the activities carried out and to actively contribute to the development and improvement of the football phenomenon. They are over 18 years old and live in different cities of the country, some of them are students, others recently graduated, some are employed, but always present and ready to accept a new TBTT event.

There are many reasons to be part of the TBTT team, from your personal development: acquiring and improving certain skills, connecting with new people, handling challenging situations; to professional development: the opportunity to network with people with the same values ​​and interests as you, to be in charge of a group during an event, to be noticed and to receive an opportunity to work /collaborate in this field of activity.

Depending on the nature of the event that requires TBTT’s presence and involvement, the team can be present for football matches at the stadiums in Bucharest, Cluj, Ploiesti and other Romanian cities, in the premises of the Romanian Football Federation for events hosted by it or in other locations under the supervision of FRF (Romania Store, Mogoșoaia/Buftea National Football Centre). Different locations bring unique experiences each time, ready to be shared with those around and remembered for years and years to come.

Because the football phenomenon is constantly dynamic, TBTT volunteers are active throughout the year. Whether it is a competitive period with matches, whether there are activations in the Romania Store, whether the National Football Team plays its matches at home, or whether the Romanian Football Federation is part of large-scale projects or carries out far-reaching initiatives, such as the European Championship Under 21 football, about which you can find out more details here: LINK

From event to event, the roles are multiple and may involve different tasks, for example:

  • responsible for public access – the scanning of parking tickets or match tickets is sometimes the responsibility of volunteers, who, through their vigilance and speed, ensure optimal access for supporters;
  • responsible for supporters’ mobility – guiding to the access ways, to their seats or to certain services (the food area, the area with sponsor activations, the area with the official shop of the National Football Team);
  • responsible for offering products to supporters – handing out match programs, flags, balloons or other products offered as gifts to supporters;
  • responsible for protocol activities – in the organization of celebration/anniversary events from matches/other official events;
  • in charge of the ceremony – at certain matches, at their opening, a ceremony is organized (displaying the flags of the teams and displaying the flag with the official sponsors of the National Football Team);
  • responsible for protocol activities – in the organization of celebration/anniversary events from matches/other official events;
  • responsible for activities specific to certain events/conferences/matches.